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Design and Development

Build your business a comprehensive AdWords strategy.

Adwords Campaign Development is the process of creating and implementing an AdWords strategy specific to your business. We will perform all the functions necessary to make sure your campaign has the best chance possible for success, while requiring little effort from you.

Understanding your business

Before we can begin creating a good strategy for you, we have to know what your business is. We will need a good understanding of your products or services, your goals (offline or online sales, lead generation, or brand awareness), your AdWords budget, profit margins, and marketing messages.

Competitor Research

Knowing how your competitors are using AdWords allows us to define how your business can best compete. We will be looking at what keywords they are bidding on, what those bids are, and what marketing messages they are conveying in their ad copy.

Keyword Research

The most common keywords are often the most expensive. We can use online tools to determine exactly what keywords people are searching for and how often. Finding less competitive keywords means that we can keep your cost-per-click lower, resulting in more visitors per dollar. We will be developing large lists of keywords that include alternative keywords and common misspellings in addition to the more obvious keywords.

Ad Copy Writing

Good ad copy is very challenging as you have very limited space to get a lot of information across. Your ads must be persuasive in order to get people to click on them. They also need to be very informative as to not incur visitors that are looking for something you don't provide. We will be creating separate ad copy for each of your services or products. We also employ "split testing" of ad copy to measure how different ads perform.


Once we have a cohesive strategy, then we will create your AdWords campaign for you including all keywords, ads, bids, and landing pages. We will also be implementing the tracking system into your website for us to monitor results.