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Campaign Management

Monitor, Analyze, Optimize, and Succeed.

Data Analysis

The tracking system that we implement into your website will give us vital information to make changes to your campaign. We will be looking at your data in order to create new strategies and to test them.

Bidding Modifications

Our goal is to keep your cost-per-click as low as possible but still get your ad shown in the 3rd to 5th positions. As the AdWords market and your campaign's "Relevance" constantly changes, constant changes to your bids will be necessary to maintain those positions. Without constant management, you may be paying too much for a click, or your ad may not be shown as often as possible.

Keyword Modifications

Analysis of each keyword group lets us know which of those keywords are producing real results, and which ones are not. Those that are underperforming will be eliminated and new keywords will be added as needed.

Ad Copy Changes

By trying new ad copy, you can see how different approaches are paying off. We will then focus on running only the most profitable ads. We also will be able to create new ads based on seasonal nature of your market (holidays), or to create temporary specials that your business may be offering.

Landing Page Recommendations

We can also work with your web designer to create several landing pages. We may find that a different lay-out or content on those landing pages performs differently.